Past Directors and Loyal Supporters

We owe an unpayable debt of gratitude to avid supporters and past members of the board of directors of the Friends of the Natatorium. Far too many of them have dedicated decades of tireless advocacy and died without seeing the Natatorium restored to its intended use. Past members of honorary and regular boards include:

— Joan Sheeran Apo, former executive director of the Friends of the Natatorium
— Peter Apo, past president of the Friends; Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee; former state representative
— *Fred W. Ballard, longtime activist on veterans’ issues
— *Nancy Bannick, philanthropist and historic preservationist
— *Kenneth F. Brown, Chairman of Queens Medical Center, State Senator, and fishing buddy of Duke Kahanamoku
— *Maleka Brown, former lifeguard and matron of the Natatorium
— *Richard Cleveland, Olympic Swim Team Member 1952
— Eric Crispin
— Patty Doo
— F. Donald Duckworth, PhD, former president of the Bishop Museum
— Chris Duplanty, Olympic Waterpolo Team Member 1988 (silver medal), 1992 and 1996
— John Henry Felix, former Honolulu city councilman
— Dr. Samuel James Freas, President, International Swimming Hall of Fame
— Ambrose “Rowdy” Gaines — Olympic Swim Team Member 1984 (3 gold medals)
— Bruce Hopping, Chairman of International Swimming Hall of Fame and Kalos Kagathos
— *Nadine Kahanamoku
— Evelyn Kawamoto Konno, Olympic Swim Team Member 1952 (2 bronze medals)
— Ford Konno, Olympic Swim Team Member 1952 (two gold and one silver medal) and 1956 (silver medal)
— William P. Kozlovsky, lieutenant commander, U.S. Coast Guard, retired
— Lydia Lake
— *Roger Lee
— Spencer Leinewebber
— Michelle Matson
— *Mary Jane McMurdo, former state senator
— Eric Minuth
— *Keo Nakama, 1939 Pan American Game medalist, 17-time National Collegiate Champion, Molokai Channel Crosser
— *Katherine “Kay” Napoleon, widow of Walter Napoleon, last superintendent of the Natatorium
— John Nielsen
— Monte Nitzkowski, President, World Waterpolo Coaches Association; U.S. Olympic Waterpolo Coach 1974-1984, U.S. Waterpolo Delegate to FINA (Federation International Aquatic)
— George Onekea, Jr., Olympic Swim Team Member 1956
— Yoshi Oyakawa, Olympic Swim Team Member 1952 (gold medal) and 1956 (gold medal)
— *Lin Pang, past president of the Friends
— Ed Pskowski
— Pokey Watson Richardson, Olympic Swim Team Member 1964 (gold medal), and 1968 (gold medal)
— Victor Rittenband
— Soichi Sakamoto, coach of more than six Olympic Champions between 1948 and 1956 teams, International Swimming Hall of Fame inductee
— *Alice Shelly
— *Bill Smith, Olympic Swim Team Member 1948 (two gold medals), set 8 World and 12 American Records between 1944 and 1948
— C. Bruce Smith, admiral, U.S. Navy, retired
— *Aileen Riggin Soule, Olympic Dive Team Member 1920 (gold medal), Olympic Dive (silver medal) and Swim Team Member 1924 (bronze medal), America’s first female Olmypic medal winner, one of only two Olympians to medal in two sports, multiple gold medalist in national and international masters swim competitions, International Swimming Hall of Fame inductee
— Walter Tagawa, major general, U.S. Army, retired
— Gerald Takano
— Richard “Sonny” Tanabe, Olympic Swim Team Member 1956
— Andr√© S. Tatibouet, Aston Hotels founder
— Earl Pamai Tenn
— Alan Voronaeff, former Kapiolani Park Preservation Society president
— Ken Walsh, Olympic Swim Team Member 1968 (two gold, one silver medal)
— Keala O’Sullivan Watson, Olympic Dive Team Member 1968 (bronze medal)
— Dr. Chris Woo, Olympic Swim Team Member 1976
— Bill Woolsey, Olympic Swim Team Member 1952 (two gold medals), and 1956 (silver medal)
— *Ron Yasui
* Deceased