City Contracts Demolition EIS as Memorial Day Weekend Begins

Honolulu Weekly is out with an update on the Natatorium fight.

The bottom line: As we head into Memorial Day weekend, the city is inching ahead with efforts to (unbelievably) demolish Hawai’i’s official memorial to World War I soldiers and sailors. Veterans, preservationists, environmentalists and — importantly — the law and regulations stand in the way of those efforts.

As you’ll read in the Weekly’s story, the Friends of the Natatorium are still fighting. We’re confident of victory, but the fight may be a long and hard one.

What can you do? You can contribute to the cause. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And there’s lots more you can do.

Join us in our efforts to respect the memory of the fallen and to renew the wonderful monument that was created in their honor. Mahalo.

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