"Demolition by neglect" or "a beautiful place:" What's your choice?

Honolulu Advertiser columnist Lee Cataluna has published a great column decrying the “demolition by neglect” of some of Hawai’i’s great landmarks and cultural treasures.

The Natatorium, she writes, doesn’t have to suffer the same fate. It can, she said, “again become a beautiful place that Hawai’i residents and visitors can enjoy. But it takes money, vision and, most of all, a collective will to make it so.”

Read Lee’s column here. A question for you: Do we have that collective will? Tell us in the comments below what you think.

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  1. thomas barrett

    i cant imagine that the city would demolish this historic place, get some the wealth local honolulu people to preserve it.


    P S call all your friends

    • Thanks Thomas. Indeed, we are hoping that the City and State will send a clear signal of their intent to preserve the War Memorial Natatorium. We believe that once the political will to save the Natatorium is evident, funds can be raised from private, federal and charitable sources. We appreciate your support and hope that you will encourage your friends to call or write to the Mayor, City Council and other elected officials to express their support for this important Waikiki landmark.