The Natatorium is Featured in Alaska Airlines Magazine

If you happen to be flying Alaska Airlines this month, dig into that seat pocket in front of you, pull out the February issue of Alaska Beyond magazine and flip to page 21.

Yes: A very nice story on the Natatorium and our efforts — your efforts — to repair and reopen it.

If you’re not flying, never fear: You can see the piece online.

For a PDF of just the Natatorium story, go to this link posted by our friends at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

If you’d like to see the story in the context of the entire magazine, check out Alaska Beyond’s digital edition. (Again: Navigate to page 21.)

No Matter How You Say It…

In the Hawaiian language, our message to Alaska Airlines is “Mahalo.” And we’ve just looked it up: In Yupic, they say, “Quyana!”

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  1. Alvin Wong

    Support “The Friends of the Natatorium” and you support Hawaiian history. I took my final swimming test here, the same place were others did also. This is one place one could swim in salt water safely away from the box jelly fish and sharks.