More Natatorium Memorial Day photos!

The consensus: It was one of the best ever.

The 24th annual Memorial Day Service at the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium. Just the right combination of solemn reflection, joyful performance and precision military pageantry. Just the right combination of revered older veterans and starry-eyed young dancers, singers and Pledge of Allegiance leaders.

Just the right setting. Just the right weather. Just the right way to honor our nation’s war dead and veterans.

And, especially, just the perfect way to commemorate the more than 10,000 from Hawai’i who volunteered for “The Great War,” World War I. They are the ones, after all, in whose memory the Natatorium was built. They are the ones in whose memory we hope and pray it will be restored and reopened.

Amateur photographer Greg Concilla, a much-valued supporter of the Friends of the Natatorium, took some great images of Sunday’s event. Here’s a slideshow.

Tell us in the comments which shots you like best, and what you thought of Sunday’s service.

Mahalo, Greg! Mahalo, too, to everyone who attended and to everyone who contributed their time and talent.

And everyone… please plan to join us next year for the 25th annual Memorial Day Service at your Natatorium.

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    • admin

      Barbara, thanks for your interest! We are hoping that the State will be taking a more proactive role in seeing the monument preserved. A partnership with the City, State and private sector all working together has the best chance of getting things moving again.