The fight for the Natatorium: This is why

People ask us all the time why we are so passionate about bringing the Natatorium back to life. Well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is the picture. This is why:

Here's what could be.... This is what we’ve been missing all these years. This is what the “lost generations” — most folks under age 50, who are too young to have experienced the magic of the Natatorium — have been missing all their lives.

Just one look at this image, and you immediately understand what a re-engineered, renewed, reopened Natatorium could be for our families, for kids learning to swim, for recreational and fitness swimmers, for the disabled and elderly who want to experience the ocean, for competitors, for locals, for visitors, and for anyone who just wants to enjoy the view of Waikiki or appreciate sunrise and sunset.

Just one look at this image, and you understand the power of a living memorial to Hawai’i’s more than 10,000 World War I soldiers, sailors and airmen, a memorial where their descendants — and all of us — can enjoy the freedom they fought to defend.

Just one look: Now you understand why.

The Friends of the Natatorium are enormously grateful to the anonymous benefactor whose generous gift allows us to show you this remarkable illustration of what we’re missing and what we all can enjoy… again.

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