Natatorium Defaced

It’s started.

Less than a week after the city and state announced plans to raze the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial, someone is treating it as an abandoned ruin.

This morning, Kelsey Ige spotted graffiti on the Natatorium’s mauka wall:

defaced 5-6-13

Kelsey, art director at the Waikiki Aquarium next door to the Natatorium, took the photo and sent it to us.

We are crushed that someone has defaced this legendary and important war memorial. It may perhaps have been an attempt to honor the edifice (note the “Farewell Natatorium 2013” inscription to the right). Even so, it’s a terrible shame that it’s come to this, that someone thinks the Natatorium is so far gone and so close to demolition that it’s fair game for tagging.

Friends of the Natatorium Will Persevere

Just for the record: The Friends of the Natatorium haven’t given up, and neither should you. There’s plenty left to fight for, and plenty of fight in us. Whether it’s in the State Capitol, in Honolulu Hale, in the court of public opinion or in a court of law, remember: This is not over.

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  1. MJ

    That is totally disgusting and disrespectful for those it honors. Sad state of affairs when nothing is sacred in this country any more.

  2. cap

    It is a shame and a sure sign of the direction our whole country is going in. The people who put this memorial in that spot did not put it there temporarily. I guess the politicians and those that do not care about the sacrifices made by those before them, feel that votes and beach area is much more important than remembering and honoring through memorials. Votes mostly, because most do not go to the beach. They are spending time figuring out how to garner votes. I guess when someone wants a hotdog stand at another memorial site that one will go also.