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Memorials: Important Reading. Natatorium: Important Deadline

From the op-ed page of today’s International New York Times comes this important meditation on “Why Our Monuments Matter.” We love the eloquent conclusion: “The great dislocation of our time indicates just how frail our monuments, our books, our thoughts and principles can be. Still, they exist — and they are our guide and our shield. But if our symbols are lost, we will be no better than ignorant armies riding pickup trucks through the endless dust, where canals, dried and gone, once made the desert bloom.” Have you submitted a comment yet on Honolulu’s plan to demolish the wonderful,
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World War I and Wahi Pana: The Natatorium in perspective

Scottish novelist William Boyd recently published a New York Times opinion piece headlined “Why World I War Resonates.” He talks about why memories of that horror-filled war remain so vivid in our collective consciousness even now, nearly 100 years after the conflict began. Why it is lived and fought again and again in our films, in our literature, in dramas on stage, in dramas on television. Even in our poetry. “The last old soldier or sailor has died,” he writes, “and almost all of the witnesses have gone, but the war exerts a tenacious hold on the imagination. “ To
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