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Memorials: Important Reading. Natatorium: Important Deadline

From the op-ed page of today’s International New York Times comes this important meditation on “Why Our Monuments Matter.” We love the eloquent conclusion: “The great dislocation of our time indicates just how frail our monuments, our books, our thoughts and principles can be. Still, they exist — and they are our guide and our shield. But if our symbols are lost, we will be no better than ignorant armies riding pickup trucks through the endless dust, where canals, dried and gone, once made the desert bloom.” Have you submitted a comment yet on Honolulu’s plan to demolish the wonderful,
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Honolulu's Architects: Restore Natatorium and "Preserve an Essential Piece of our Soul"

Great news! The Honolulu chapter of the American Institute of Architects – in a guest column in the Nov. 17 Honolulu Star-Advertiser – issued a strong, eloquent call for restoration of the War Memorial Natatorium, our “living and permanent memorial” to Hawaii’s World War I soldiers and sailors. The AIA cites the observation of Arthur Frommer: “Tourism does not go to a city that has lost its soul.” “By restoring the Natatorium,” the AIA concludes, “we will fulfill our original promise to honor those who served in The Great War, preserve an essential piece of our soul, and allow the
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Op-Ed: Honor All Hawaii's Fallen at the Natatorium

The Star-Advertiser today published an opinion piece by Donna L. Ching, vice president of the Friends of the Natatorium. She salutes the efforts of the Memorial Task Force, now gathering input on how to honor Hawaii’s sons and daughters lost in Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terror. Donna suggests that the best course would be to locate a Gulf War Memorial at or adjacent to our Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium, creating in effect a memorial park to honor Hawaii’s fallen from all wars. We urge you to read Donna’s piece on the Star-Advertiser website and leave your comments there.
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Natatorium Op-ed by Peter Apo: Demolition Moratorium

Don’t miss the opinion piece in the May 14 Star-Advertiser by Peter Apo. It’s important not just for the substance: Peter’s call for a two-year moratorium on threats to demolish the Natatorium, providing time and a safe space for a campaign to fund restoration. It’s also important for the eloquence and passion with which Peter makes his case. “A Measure of Who We Are” Read this passage, for instance: The Natatorium, Peter says, “is priceless as a statement of the character of Hawaii’s people. It is the stuff of which great cities are made. It can rise again, joining the
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