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The Natatorium Problem: A Concrete Solution?

Natatorium naysayers argue – among other absurdities – that an ocean pool can’t survive being in, well, the ocean. We demonstrated with a post on the ocean pools of Australia just how wrong that kind of thinking is. Turns out, though, that we could have gone a couple of continents farther on and about 20 centuries earlier to make the point. To ancient Rome, in fact. As the science news site Futurity reports, the Romans were whizzes at building concrete maritime structures that have – literally – stood the test of time. Wharves, breakwaters, other harbor structure – all made
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Down Under Natatorium cousins: Australia's ocean pools

Friends of the Natatorium Vice President Donna L. Ching is just back from a visit to Australia, where she says there are more than 30 ocean pools in the Sydney area alone. She swam in several Aussie “ocean baths,” and brought back photos for us. “They’re everywhere in Australia!” she says. “You’d think we could get it together and fix our one and only Natatorium!” Bondi Baths Perhaps the most famous of Sydney’s ocean pools are the Bondi Baths at the Bondi Icebergs Club at the south end of Bondi Beach. Bronte Beach pool Farther down the famous Coastal Walk
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